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  • new weight room gym equipment minneapolis

New Weight Room = Happy Trainers

At its core, a weight room is nothing but, well, a room with weights. This means that the quality of a weight room is 100% dependent on the equipment that it houses. And while [...]

  • apartment building gym fitness center equipment minneapolis minnesota

Help Residents Avoid the Cold with a New Gym

It’s another year, and another Minnesotan winter bearing down on us as we do our best to survive the snow dumps and polar vortices. If you manage an apartment, condo, or another multi-unit dwelling [...]

  • fitness new year's resolution personal trainer gym minneapolis

Make Your New Year’s Resolution Stick

People saying they want to “get in shape” for their New Year’s resolutions is a long-time cliché, but did you know that the data totally backs that up? Last year, a whopping 50% of [...]

  • gym membership golden valley mn

Move Your Winter Workouts to a Gym

Let’s not deny the obvious: it can be hard to keep up all your hard fitness work during the winter here in Minnesota. Nobody wants to admit it, but each and every one of [...]

  • christmas holiday fitness workouts mn

Personalized Workouts for Holiday Travels

The holidays are a wonderful time of togetherness, family fun, great food, and travel. Most people look forward to this time of year as a break from their standard day-to-day lives--a chance to get [...]


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