When you’re running a business, one of the biggest and most stressful HR expenses is your employer-provided health insurance. It’s a necessary expense that always seems to be rising without pause or relief every single year, and for what? Working with insurance companies is a massive headache for anybody–employer or employee–and it’s more common than not for insurance plans to make it pointlessly difficult to access benefits and the resources you need to stay well. 

It’s increasingly common knowledge that having healthy and happy employees makes for a more productive business that not only makes more money but saves money too. It makes sense: who works their hardest when they’re sick or preoccupied with something outside of work? And yet, for almost everybody in the country, the feeling is mutual: the less we have to deal with health insurance companies, the less stressed we are. As a society, we aren’t getting notably healthier, and when premiums keep going up without seeing a notable increase in employee health outcomes, productivity, or happiness, then the return on investment for an employer starts making a lot less sense. 

So what can you do to keep health insurance costs in check, while also providing your employees the level of care, support, and resources they need to be happy workers and healthier human beings? We believe that the future of employee wellness is in direct-to-employer benefits that address the health and wellness needs of employees without the complexity and frustration of having to navigate the quagmire of insurance, and that’s where Health Quotient by TCO comes in.

Health Quotient powered by TCO

Health Quotient powered by Twin Cities Orthopedics is a direct-to-employer health and wellness service that focuses on offering your employees the wellness resources they need without having to go through an insurance provider. With a track record of consistently measurable outcomes and a 99% patient satisfaction rating, Health Quotient powered by TCO is a trustworthy and reliable partner to ensuring that your workforce is healthy and living their best lives.

Health Quotient power by TCO works by providing your workplace with a Health Quotient Organizational Assessment that lets us get to know the needs of your business and your workers and offers specific tools and partnerships to help you save money and get the best possible health outcomes. By working with trusted partners such as The Gym MPLS, your employees get preferred access to top-quality health and wellness resources along with virtual and on-site services. 

Save Money by Keeping Your Workers Healthier

The bottom line comes down to, well, the bottom line. Costs are what matters to your business, and Health Quotient can help bring them down significantly. Health and wellness programs not only save you the costs of insurance claims and missed workdays due to injury or sickness, but by making your employees happier and healthier, you’ll retain better talent that brings you in more profits and saves on up-front recruitment costs. Some important numbers to consider:

  • 50% reduction of injuries
  • 30% reduction in associated costs

These programs actually pay for themselves.

For more information on how you can save money with a healthier workforce thanks to Health Quotient powered by TCO, email Joel@TheGymMPLS.com or call (763) 744-8913. And while you’re at it, follow The Gym MPLS on Instagram (@thegymmpls) for daily motivation, tips for trainers, and more.