We provide training options that are personalized to your needs, skills, and athleticism. Even in our group settings, we are sensitive about a person’s unique physiology and current fitness abilities. No two bodies are the same, so no two workouts are the same. At The Gym MPLS, we bring out the athlete in everyone.

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The personal trainers at our gym are committed to giving you the best one-on-one training experience you can find. Each training session is tailored to your needs and desires, run by trainers with specialized know-how who take your body’s unique physiology into account. These are results you will find at no other gym.

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Started at Apex Personal Training, personalized group training is our revolutionary approach to group training sessions. No two bodies are alike, so why should workouts be? Every person in each group has a workout designed specifically for them based on their goals and physical abilities. On top of giving you better results, this also allows you to focus on your goals in a group setting without feeling the need to compare your ability with that of others. Grow at your pace with The Gym MPLS.

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Proper training can prevent a number of sports-related injuries and increase performance. Whether it’s football, baseball, gymnastics, soccer, or others, the professional trainers at The Gym MPLS can help you correctly develop the muscle strength and performance needed for your activity. Several trainers that operate out of The Gym MPLS specialize in sport-specific athletic training, so if you need help finding the right one, reach out to us! (Also available for youth athletes.)

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