Welcome to one of the most intuitive customizable online programs ever created. Apex Anywhere is a based on a survey based questionnaire that asks you key questions before delivering you a workout personalized for you. We take into account every scenario…

  • How much time do you have? You may only have 20 minutes to get something in.
    We can still help.
  • How are you feeling? Did you have a killer workout yesterday? Maybe you’re hung
    over? We can adjust!
  • What equipment do have to use? You may be a member at a local gym or be
    working with a limited amount of equipment at home. Maybe you don’t have any
    equipment…. No worries we have you covered!
  • Where are you working out? Are you in a hotel? Your gym? Are you
    working out at home?
  • What are your goals? Weight loss? Gaining strength? We can help!

These are just a few things that we get to know about you before every workout. From there we will text you a workout that’s personalized just for you.

The way that people are staying healthy has drastically changed in the last year. We understand that not everyone is comfortable working out in a gym or coming back to train. Apex Anywhere is the perfect answer for anyone no matter where they are in their journey or how they feel about gyms.