Welcome to one of the most intuitive customizable app-based fitness programs ever created. Apex Anywhere workouts are based on a survey that asks you key questions before delivering you a fully personalized workout.

It begins with a long-term data intake survey, which you complete on the app as part of your registration. This survey goes through your health and fitness goals and history of health issues or injuries.

Then prior to each workout, you will complete a smaller survey that will ask you questions about your current situation, like mobility restrictions, equipment available, amount of time you have, motivation, mood, and more.

We take into account every scenario:

  • How much time do you have? You may only have 20 minutes to get something in.
    We can still help.
  • How are you feeling? Did you have a killer workout yesterday? Maybe you’re hungover? We can adjust!
  • What equipment is available to you? You may be a member at a local gym or be
    working with a limited amount of equipment at home. Maybe you don’t have any
    equipment…. No worries we have you covered!
  • Where are you working out? Are you in a hotel? Your gym? Are you
    working out at home?
  • What are your goals? Weight loss? Gaining strength? We can help!

These are just a few things that we get to know about you before every workout. From there we will provide you with a workout that’s personalized just for you.

The way that people are staying healthy has drastically changed in the last year. We understand that not everyone is comfortable working out in a gym or coming back to train. Apex Anywhere is the perfect answer for anyone no matter where they are in their journey or how they feel about gyms.