At The Gym MPLS, we talk a lot about being a “training-first” gym. But what does that even mean?

All gyms are about fitness first and foremost, so what makes “training-first” different from every other gym in town? Now hear us out here, because this may sound weird, but we didn’t really build our gym just for regular members looking to get a workout. No, we built The Gym MPLS as a sort of “co-op” for professional trainers, because trainers are the ones who help us mere mortals get the results we want.

While full dedication and high-quality equipment play a huge part in maintaining a healthy workout routine–and we welcome anybody into our gym to work out however they see fit–we’re firm believers that if you don’t know what you’re doing, you’re limiting what you can achieve and even opening yourself up to potential injury. We believe that personal trainers know what’s best for each unique individual person, and that’s why our boutique gym is designed for personal trainers to teach and guide their clients as effectively as possible. We encourage everyone to join our space, but this focus on giving fitness experts the space and resources to share their knowledge and expertise is what we mean when we say The Gym MPLS is a “training-first” gym.

The Gym MPLS Provides Resources for Trainers

That “training-first” philosophy may be all well and good, but what exactly makes The Gym MPLS so appealing for trainers?

First of all, it means giving trainers the space and time to work with their clients effectively. While big-box gyms pack their workout spaces with as many people as they can get to pay their membership fee, we actually cap our membership numbers so that everyone who uses the space has the room and equipment to perform or instruct on the workouts that work best for them. This limited capacity has the added benefit of keeping The Gym MPLS safe during the (hopefully) tail end of the COVID pandemic.

Second, we invest in the highest-quality equipment. You can’t “pay your way” to fitness by just buying expensive gear, but we do believe that trainers work best when their practice isn’t limited by outdated or worn-out workout equipment. To assist trainers and clients even outside of our workout space, The Gym MPLS is now offering professional-quality home workout equipment for sale directly to you. From resistance bands to adjustable benches, dumbbells to rubber floor mats, from racks to kettlebells, and much more, we can help you outfit your home gym to maximize your training potential.

Lastly, we know that each trainer is a unique individual, and many trainers are often building their own personal fitness brand–and we’re here to support that. When a personal trainer partners with The Gym MPLS, they’ll have access to not only our training space, but also to business development resources like social media strategy, photography, business coaching, and more. So if you’re a personal trainer, we provide the space to help your clients train and also the knowledge to grow your client base.

More resources from The Gym MPLS

Are you a gym member who’s not able or comfortable returning to the gym just yet? Our Apex Anywhere program is a highly customizable online workout program that brings that same personalized training approach to your home or wherever you are that day. We’ll text you each day with a survey of your location (what sort of equipment do you have?), your energy levels, your time availability, and more to keep you moving and challenging yourself no matter your situation that day.

For those of you ready to come back to in-person training, The Gym MPLS is open safely, taking every necessary Covid precaution including wiped down machines after every use (which is what should happen anyway, right?), strict capacity limits, and a training-first approach that keeps gym goers on-track and focused on their fitness.

Whatever your fitness goals and needs, we want to be your go-to resource and support. For more info on how our Apex Anywhere online fitness program can help you craft the perfect daily workout routine or more info on The Gym MPLS itself, email us at or give us a call at (612) 405-3002. And while you’re at it, give us a follow on Instagram (@thegymmpls) for daily motivation, gym updates, and more.