We finally made it to 2021! Ask anyone around, and they will probably say they are thankful to see 2020 exit. The pandemic has had a disastrous impact on the nation’s economy, and the long months of being at home have taken their toll on everyone. Even our children have been greatly affected by the pandemic. The isolation that comes from online school, the loss of sports seasons, and the future uncertainty have caused many of our younger generation to suffer from depression and anxiety at high rates. Depression can also lead to less physical movement. Fitness is an important step to begin the healing process, but it can be a daunting task to get our kids to understand the importance of exercise. Here are some tips to encourage your kids to turn the video games off and get active again.

Lead by Example

Even if it doesn’t seem to be the case, your kids are watching you. If you want them to be more physically active, make sure you are too. It takes more than just asking them to join you in an activity. They need to see you committed to exercise. If your kids know that exercise is important to you, chances are it will be important to them, too.

Make it a Competition

Competition is a terrific motivator for older kids. Challenge your kids to a fitness contest. You can see who can log the most miles in a day or set a daily push up goal and offer a prize to the winner.

Be Unconventional

Think of unique ways to introduce movement to your kids. Get them to help out around the house, such as taking out the garbage or sweeping the floors. Encourage them to make up games or have an indoor scavenger hunt. Remember that movement doesn’t always have to be counted in reps. Any activity that promotes getting off the couch can be a motivator to be even more active.

The new year gives us hope that life will return to normal. Until it does, help keep your kids mentally and physically healthy. You will also reap the rewards of growing closer to each other as you get active together. If you would like more advice on incorporating more activity in your family life, give us a call at (612) 405-3002 or visit us here.