This last year has led so many people to explore the possibility of at-home workouts, and we couldn’t feel more supportive. Working out at home offers a convenient way to start building (or maintaining) your personal fitness habits and stay healthy even when you’re not able–or interested–in leaving your home. Having said this, choosing the right at-home workout program or routine can be surprisingly difficult, with most options coming with their own challenges and stressors. 

Self-guided at-home fitness routines offer a low barrier of entry and plenty of flexibility, but lack accountability–you don’t have a professional trainer to help make sure your routine is safe, answer any questions you have about particular exercises, and keep you motivated to push yourself, grow, and improve. At the other end of the spectrum, streaming classes and other more structured at-home fitness programs can offer intense, consistent workouts and a great sense of routine, but can also feel very rigid. With these programs, it can be much more difficult to set personal fitness goals that are right for you, and to get the one-on-one support you need to meet these goals. So what’s the right answer?

Apex Anywhere solves the Goldilocks dilemma…

If self-directed home workouts are a little too cold, and at-home classes a little too hot, Apex Anywhere ensures that your routine is just right. So what does the Apex Anywhere program do differently? Apex Anywhere is a highly customizable online workout program that takes into account not only your long-term fitness goals, but your day-to-day availability, location, energy levels, and more. 

Each day, you’ll take a quick survey–do you only have 20 minutes for a quick workout, or 2 hours for a full-on gym attack? Are you in your basement gym with high-quality workout gear, or are you out of the house, like maybe in a hotel with more limited equipment? Which fitness goals are you currently working towards? Are you feeling energized and hyped-up, or are you sore and tired from yesterday’s big workout (or maybe a little hungover from last night’s bottle of vino)? These are the sorts of questions and situations we take into account before sending you a fully personalized, detailed workout for that day.

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To help you make the most of the Apex Anywhere program, The Gym MPLS is now offering professional-quality home workout equipment for sale directly to you. From resistance bands to adjustable benches, dumbbells to rubber floor mats, from racks to kettlebells and much more, we can help you outfit your home gym to maximize your training potential. And for those of you ready to come back to in-person training, The Gym MPLS is open safely, taking every necessary Covid precaution including wiped down machines after every use (which is what should happen anyway, right?), strict capacity limits, and a training-first approach that keeps gym goers on-track and focused on their fitness.

Whatever your fitness goals and needs, we want to be your go-to resource and support. For more info on how our Apex Anywhere online fitness program can help you craft the perfect daily workout routine or more info on The Gym MPLS itself, email us at or give us a call at (612) 405-3002. And while you’re at it, give us a follow on Instagram (@thegymmpls) for daily motivation, gym updates, and more.